Wellness mit Kräutern im Wellnessurlaub im Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee

Herbarium herbal spa

Alpine wellness in the Salzkammergut region

Wellness in the Salzkammergut region is all about living in the rhythm of nature. Knowledge about the medicinal properties of local plants and herbs had been long forgotten, but has been returning strongly of late. We have taken traditions of folk medicine that are centuries old, together with new scientific discoveries, and combined them in our herbarium treatments.

Treatments in the herbarium herbal spa - Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee
Herbarium herbal spa in the Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee

The 3 pillars of the herbarium spa

The herbarium treatments are based on 3 pillars: grounding, harmony, and revival. In our wellness and massage treatments, suitable herbs are chosen to match your individual needs to achieve the desired effects. Only selected organic natural cosmetics are used throughout our herbal wellness range, together with our own herbarium products.

Sage in the herb garden of Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee


Detoxification and cleansing of the body, a self-awareness, and finding one’s feet again, firmly on the ground. Cleansing herbs are stinging nettles, sage, ribwort, dandelion, and wild garlic.

Camomile in the herb garden of Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee


Discovering the balance between body and spirit. Experience your inner beauty and naturalness. Harmonising herbs are camomile, St John’s wort, Melissa, basil, mugwort, and valerian.

Rosemary in the herb garden of Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee


A strengthening of the body and the immune system, activating one’s own powers for palpable vitality and radiance. Reviving herbs are echinacea, arnica, rosemary, mistletoe, elderflower, and lime blossom.

Water and sauna world

Take a look at an overview of the entire herbarium spa range with the herbarium water world and herbarium sauna world.

Wellness hotel at the Wolfgangsee

Does wellness in the Salzkammergut region appeal to you?

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