wohltuende Körperbehandlung im Wellnessurlaub im Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee

Massages & treatments in our herbal spa

Grounding - Harmony - Revival

The 3 pillars of grounding, harmony, and revival come to the fore in our various herbarium treatments. We use appropriate herbs matched to your individual needs to achieve the best effects. Selected organic natural cosmetics and our own herbarium products are used in our holistic herbal wellness range.

Tip: reserve your desired appointment

Treat yourself to some time out whilst on holiday, and arrange a suitable appointment in advance for your wellness treatment. Simply send us your appointment enquiry by e-mail, and we will happily reserve an appointment for you. Rates valid till January 10th 2021

Whole body massage

40 min € 48,00

Back massage

20 min € 30,00


40 min € 54,00

Foot reflex massage

20 min € 30,00

Marmot oil sports massage

Specialised massage for tired, aching muscles and joints. It stimulates the blood flow and is anti inflammatory. Ideal before and after exercise, aids recovery of sports related injurie.

40 min € 54,00

Hot stone massage

At the start of a hot stone therapy, smooth water-heated basalt stones are carefully applied to key points on the body. This direct heat relaxes the muscles, making the massage more effective and intense.  The stones are coated in fragrant oil to increase your sense of relaxation and calm.

60 min € 75,00

Sport back massage

Special treatment for the back and spine

40 min € 54,00

Alpine relaxation massage

Special massage to relax the muscles with warm herbal stamp

40 min € 64,00

Anti stress massage

Lymphdrainage for the face

20 min € 30,00

All body treatments:

40 min € 54,00


GROUNDING- Salt oil- herb body peeling
Equalizing, nurturing, detoxicating and cleansing.

HARMONY- Austrian hay wrap
Reduces tension and rheumatic discomfort, total relaxation using flowers and herbs from our mountain meadows

HARMONY- Forest blossom honey wrap
Calming, relieves tension  and has a positive effect on the cardiac cycle.

ACTIVITY- Arnika goat butter wrap
Extremely moisturising, calming, strongly recommended for dry skin. Arnica is anti-inflammatory and helps stressed skin.

ACTIVITY - Herbal vital wrap
Traditional, anti-inflammatory  marmot oil, peppermint oil, spelt and gentian root,  helps with tension and cramps, supports the  suppleness of the body and revitalizes.

Mountain dwarf massage

15 min € 20,00

Fairy magic massage 

15 min € 20,00

Discover Aroma Derm wraping and compress methods. A special Cello gel with 35 essential oils warms the body  and helps the connective tissues. This organic whole body treatment   keeps the skin healthy, moist and firm.

1  x Slim & beauty compress

40 min € 54,00


HERBARIUM  "indulgence"

50 min € 59,00

This indulgent treatment  of a herbal bath plus a massage is tailored to your personal needs.

The combination of special herbs supports the colon and removal of waste products, helping to reduce bloating and leaving you feeling refreshed

Enjoy the scent of mountain flowers and experience the positive effects on the airways.

The forest fruits are rich in vitamins which protect the skin.

HERBARIUM  "enjoyment"

50 min € 75,00

Salt oil - herb body peeling
Herbal massage

Austrian hay wrap
Herbal massage

Activity -
Herbal vital wrap
Herbal massage




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